Hernandez prosecutor cites OJ Simpson case

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FALL RIVER, Mass. — Citing the O.J. Simpson case, a prosecutor has told a judge he wants trophies and religious items removed from Aaron Hernandez’s home before the jury visits. Jurors are due to visit the former New England Patriots player’s home Friday.

The judge previously ruled jurors would get to see his trophy case and personal items in Hernandez’s home when the 2013 killing took place.

On Thursday, prosecutor Patrick Bomberg told the judge additional trophies and religious items have been added since the killing.

He compared it to Simpson’s home being manipulated during his murder trial to add photos and a Bible to portray Simpson as a religious family man.

The judge said new items couldn’t be displayed, and she asked for a list of the items prosecutors objected to.

Meanwhile, on day five of testimony, the defense questioned the decision on the day Lloyd’s body was found (June 17, 2013) to bag evidence ahead of severe weather rolling in.

The defense also asked why police didn’t cover more of the crime scene before the storm, pointing out that cops used a second tent to keep themselves dry.

“Did someone decide that rather than use the canopies that you had to cover more of this area and protect it from the elements, that you were going to use it to protect the officers, whose call was that?” defense attorney James Sultan asked.

Captain Joseph Direnzo of the North Attleboro Police Department answered, “There was no other areas that we needed to cover at that time, so it didn’t matter.”

Direnzo testified that to cover the entire crime scene, it would take a “circus tent.”

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