Meet the girls behind The Jersey Boys

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WALLINGFORD - They say, behind every good man stands a good woman. So, who stands behind The Jersey Boys? It's the Jersey girls, and though they're not considered the stars of the show, they make the show.

The story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons is about four guys, but Marlana Dunn, Jaycie Dotin, and Leslie Rochette play every single female role in the show.

"The thing that makes our roles unique in this show is that we play more than one character," said Dunn. "Collectively we play 52 characters."

The hit Broadway show performs at the Toyota Oakdale Theater this week. Watch the video above to see how these magicians pull off their quick change act.  The girls say what goes on backstage is just as choreographed as onstage.

"When you come back into the changing room. you have dressers that have everything set up, so your next costume is there, and you know okay now I’m this person," said Dotin.

52 characters for three women means dozens of costume changes and they have to be quick.  One costume change requires them to change clothes in just 8 seconds!

"I run off stage, throw costume into a bin, there’s a wig person behind me and in front of me. They take my wig off, put a new wig on, a wardrobe supervisor puts my robe on, spins me around and pushes me back out, " said Dunn.

The musical covers three decades, which means a lot of different styles of clothing, plus 36 wigs to match the costumes.

"Well the wigs and the costumes help . Once you’re completed and changing your costume you look at yourself in the mirror and you’re in character completely," said Rochette.

Another trick they use to move so quickly is magnetic jewelry so it goes on quickly. Also, instead of shoe buckles, they have quick releases that make it look as  though they've taken the time to buckle their heels.