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Hartford residents share parking ban woes

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HARTFORD -- More than a dozen cars stayed past their parking ban curfew at Burns Elementary School in Hartford. By 8 p.m.,  the lot was supposed to be empty.

"I was just like, I don't want to get my car towed from the parking lot," said Kevin Ferrigan, who picked up his car around 7.

He said it's not easy to comply with the city's parking ban.

"I have to drive down here, walk back to my apartment, leave my car and that's not really fun because it's usually cold when I have to do that and then I have to come back down and shovel it out which also [is] not the most fun," Ferrigan said. "The parking bans are not super convenient, that's for sure."

Ferrigan said he's frustrated with Hartford's parking ban rules that vary in their start and end times, based on the weather.

"I was like 'Oh, the parking ban's been extended until the morning.' So I had to drive back and try to fit back in my parking spot," he said about last week's storm.  "I spent probably like an hour trying to get back into my spot."

Two snowstorms ago, tow trucks toted away more than 40 cars from Hartford school lots.  Residents that moved their vehicles off the streets for the parking ban, but didn't pick up them when the ban ended ended up paying $200 in fines and fees.

Even people who follow the ban and reverse ban aren't free of frustration. Ramonita Morales said obeying the ordinance still costs her money.

"When the plows come when they're cleaning the street, they push all -- they block our parking space," said Morales. "We can't clean it right now because you know they are big blocks of snow and they are heavy and now we are going to have to find somebody to lend us a hand to clean it up."

Hartford Police said around 8 p.m. that 10 vehicles had been towed though it's unclear if that is from streets or parking lots.