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Researchers develop ‘Smart Insulin’

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Researchers at the University of Utah say they’ve come up with something called “smart insulin.”

It automatically adjusts blood sugar as needed, without the manual calculations that are required now.  The insulin self-activates when blood sugar levels rise, and it lasts for hours at a time.

Right now, the trials have only been done on mice, but scientists are hopeful this could help diabetes patients someday in the near future.

 Source: Foxnews.com    


A new study out of Belgium found that extremely obese kids did much better at losing weight if they entered a residential treatment program.

The researchers said those kids learned healthier eating and exercise habits.

The test group that lived at a treatment facility lost an average of 60 pounds over ten months.  The control group of kids were urged to cut calories and exercise at home, and they only lost an average of 16 pounds.

One thing the study didn’t do was track the children long-term to see how they fared with keeping the weight off.

SourceL USNews.com


The compound that makes chili peppers hot could be the next big dietary supplement.  Capsaicin may be able to boost a sluggish metabolism.

According to researchers at the University of Wyoming, it could convert dormant fat-cells to thermogenic cells that burn stored fat without needing to be triggered by exercise.

The team is working to develop a natural supplement and then start clinical trial

  Source: EurekaAlert.org

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