Too many snow days may cause students to lose April vacation

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MERIDEN — Educators say snow days are disrupting class time across the state.

For the past three weeks, snow has impacted learning and school calendars.

In Meriden, the last day of school has been pushed back by four days to June 19 and there only one more day the district can pull from before taking away from April break.

This is a problem for districts across the state.

The snow has crippled roads and highways, making it difficult for children to get to school so districts either delay the start time or cancel classes.

Many districts have snow days built into the system, still many more are running out of those days because of all the snow we’ve accumulated.

Our partner at the Record Journal reports Board of Education members in Meriden recently adopted school calendars for the next two school years that don’t have a February break but rather a long weekend.

The reasoning behind that is it protects the district from having to pull from April break because of snow and also because families end up getting a break because of the snow days this time of year.

We know that in Cheshire the last day of school is June 18, the superintendent said if need be, the district will add on days to the last possible day in June before pulling from April break.