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Waterbury digging out from yet another snow storm

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WATERBURY -- The sounds of plows, shovels, and snow blowers were once again commonplace in the city of Waterbury as neighbors dug out from yet another round of snow.

City leaders estimate around six to eight inches fell between Sunday and Monday night in the latest round of snow storms to hit Connecticut.

Consequently, concern is growing over the city's snow budget and the toll its taking on personnel who have been working non-stop since the first major snow storm three weeks ago.

City residents are dealing with narrow streets that have now been whittled down even more because of the piles of snow that's left over from past storms.

"The streets are getting very narrow, Waterbury is an old industrial town," said Joe Geary, Waterbury's Chief of Staff. "A lot of multifamily units, if you figured 2 cars per floor, that equates to six cars per house with no driveway and it's tough to get people to park off the street."

City leaders hope neighbors continue to do their part by clearing snow off their sidewalks and move their cars out of main roads so plows can more efficiently clear streets.

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