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HARTFORD – Will Forte, the creator, writer, and star of The Last Man on Earth, coming to Fox CT on Sunday, March 1, is using an interesting marketing technique to promote this (mostly) one man show, along with the help of his network, FOX.  He has started a guerrilla marketing campaign distributing 12,000 flyers around the country with the following headline:

Anyone out there? If so, get your balls (or lady balls) down to Tucson! My name is Phil Miller and I promise you I’m a non-murderer/nice person/hottie (depending on who you ask). Hope to see you soon.



Intrigued? The Last Man on Earth features Phil Miller, Forte’s titular character, the lone survivor of a comically apocalyptic event, as he navigates life devoid of other humans.  Incidentally, all 12,000 of these flyers contain the phone number to a cell phone in Will Forte’s possession for ‘anyone out there’ to call.  Really, anyone.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that these flyers have gone up in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle and San Francisco, primarily around college campuses, community boards and high-traffic areas. While the vast majority of the callers will find themselves reaching straight to voicemail (hear below from THR), a few will call the live number and get in touch with Forte directly.

Forte and FOX’s guerrilla marketing campaign also includes branded vending machines containing apocalypse-proof snacks, survival materials, American Airline gift cards, and even cash prizes worth $5,000.  If that weren’t enough, any tweets containing #LastStuffonEarth will get codes to use the vendors for free.

Forte, who is still filming season one of The Last Man on Earth, will be taking calls from the flyers in between takes when he can.  It’s luck of the draw if you come across a flyer and decided to call.  If you don’t have access to a flyer, here’s the number anyways:  520-428-1174.

Call it and let us know if you reach him!  We’d love to know.

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