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Wine and ice cream have mated to create a wonderful child

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BOONVILLE, New York — Wine…and ice cream?!

The mythical combination was created by Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream, a subsidiary of Mercer’s Dairy in upstate New York. The business is completely owned by women as of 2013, and the 60-year-old company’s newest and arguably greatest feat is its wine ice cream.

Made of 15 percent butterfat and 5 percent alcohol by volume, there are eight flavors of wine ice cream: cherry merlot, chocolate cabernet, peach white zinfandel, port, red raspberry chardonnay, resling, spice and strawberry sparkling.

There are 210 to 310 calories per 1/2 cup of ice cream depending on flavor, and you must be 21 to purchase a pint.

Though Mercer’s first created the recipe in 2006 and sold it in 2007, it has recently become more than just an upstate New York secret; in December Jimmy Fallon mentioned the dessert in his opening monologue, and the product was a secret ingredient on Chopped last month.

Although there aren’t any stores in Connecticut that currently sell wine ice cream, you can purchase it online or in one of the stores on the New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island borders.

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