Ben & Jerry’s new flavor to honor SNL’s 40th anniversary

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Ben & Jerry's

WATERBURY, VT — By now, everyone knows that ice cream gurus Ben & Jerry’s loves Saturday Night Live, so much so that in honor of the popular comedy shows 40th anniversary, they have created a series of SNL-inspired flavors to be released throughout the year.

The newest batch, Wayne’Swirled is paying homage to the infamous Wanye’s World skit. Ben & Jerry’s  website describes the flavor as, “its most excellent ingredients include dark caramel and vanilla ice creams with caramel and fudge swirls. Our Flavor Gurus consider it an ode to the yin and yang that are Wayne and Garth.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 5.13.55 AMThree other SNL-inspired flavors have  debut last fall, Two Wild & Crazy Pies, Lazy Sunday,  and Gilly’s Catastrophic crunch.

All four flavors can only be found at local scoop shops, so Ben &Jerry’s encourage you to “get out of your parent’s basement and find us!”

Fox CT will keep you posted as Ben &Jerry’s continues to release these special Saturday Night Live batches throughout the year.

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