Company launches Kickstarter campaign for kid’s dress line that defies girly stereotypes

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Courtesy of Facebook

Some girls like dressing up like princesses; others like cars and trains; and still others like both.

That’s where Princess Awesome comes in. After Rebecca, one of the two creators, went to buy her daughter PJs at a mainstream store, she was disappointed with the dress selection.

On Princess Awesome’s Kickstarter page it says Rebecca thought: “On her way out, she passed the girls’ section and glanced through the dresses, the only article of clothing other than pajamas that her daughter would wear at that time (or currently, for that matter!). “It’s too bad,” she thought, “that there are no dresses with robots on them, because she would totally wear one. Or a dress with a truck. Or a dinosaur. Or an airplane. Or a pirate. Or a train. But those don’t exist.”

Well, now they do. Together with Eva, the two created the dynamic company in fall 2013.

Within three days it has become the highest-funded children’s clothing project in Kickstarter history, according to Huffington Post. The initial goal was $35,000 in 30 days, but that was met in just three days. It has now been eight days, and as of Wednesday at 9:45 p.m. the project has made nearly $84,000 and has 1,428 backers!

The tagline on the Kickstarter page says: “Girls shouldn’t have to decide between dresses and dinosaurs or ruffles and robots. We’re a different kind of girly.”

The duo sold out of their original dresses in just a few months, and now sales are on hold during the Kickstarter campaign, after which production will move to a factory.

So far, Princess Awesome is selling 13 designs in sizes 2T through 8 on Kickstarter: airplane dresses, road dresses, train dresses, chemistry notes dresses, dinosaur dresses, periodic table dresses, pi dresses, pirate dresses, robots dresses, trucks dresses, atomic shells dresses, Monet’s “Water Lillies” dresses and Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” dresses.

To participate in the Kickstarter campaign, click here. Here are a few of the designs:


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