Daytrippers: A suite chocolate experience in Boston

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BOSTON -- The table is set, calling you to the dark side. But there is nothing sinister about a trip to the ritzy Langham Hotel in Boston, just sinful.

For 26 years, visitors have been saddling up to the bar -- The Chocolate Bar. Every Saturday the Langham showcases a buffet that offers over 120 variations of cocoa creations. "We have all different degrees of chocolate," said Ryan Pike the Langham's executive pastry chef. "We have white, dark chocolate, mousses, cakes, confections."

Bill Bonk, from Farmington, who was visiting the Chocolate Bar with his grandchildren, said, "I've never seen so many chocolate items in my entire life."

chocolate hotel 1If you're looking to eat, drink and live the chocolate life, this year the Langham has sweetened the experience offering the "Chocolate Suite." The hotel decks out a two-story suite themed entirely in chocolate. There's a chocolate fountain, chocolate candies at every corner, and even the room service menu includes chocolate notes.  "You get a breakfast menu which has chocolate flavored menus items on it, you have an in-room dining menu, there's filet mignon which is covered in cocoa powder, it's fantastic," said the hotel general manager, Mattias Weigmann.

The Chocolate Bar runs every Saturday at the Langham Hotel through the end of June. It's $42 for adults and $29 for kids ages 5-12.

The Chocolate Suite is a richer blend of cocoa -- the room starts at $695 a night and sleeps four. It includes admission to the Chocolate Bar for two. To find out more click here.