Anthem consumer protections available today

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WALLINGFORD — Anthem has announced what it will do for customers in the wake of its information being compromised.

Starting 2 p.m. Friday, Anthem is offering free consumer protections and ways to repair identity damage that may be result of the data hack. Information on how to sign up for two years of identity protection and credit monitoring will be posted at Those services will be free-of-charge for two years. There is also a toll-free number Anthem customers can call if they have any questions. That number is: 1-877-263-7995

Anthem also says it will offer up to $1 million in identity theft insurance. Anthem is also offering identity theft repair services, credit card monitoring, phone alerts if there’s any suspicious activity on a customer’s credit card account, security specialists are going to be extra vigilant when it comes to minors and Social Security card numbers–and Connecticut’s Atty. Gen. George Jepson is encouraged about these measures.

“We asked for this and it’s good that Anthem responded favorably,” Jepson told Fox CT on Wednesday.

Connecticut lawmakers are also calling for Anthem and other insurers to use encrypted data, get stronger password protection and make other upgrades to ensure privacy. Many in the Capitol are talking about making these upgrades a requirement by law.

An estimated 80 million people have been affected by this Anthem breach, 1 million of them right here in Connecticut.
Names, addresses, and Social Security numbers are thought to be part of the leak.

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