Chocolate is currency at Munson’s as Valentine’s Day approaches

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BOLTON--It's the middle of February, which means one thing: time for chocolate!

"Everything we're producing today is just to get us to Valentine's Day," said Karen Munson, a third-generation chocolate maker at Munson's Chocolate.

In all, the company produces about 300,000 pounds of chocolate each year, but 5,000 of those pounds were produced in just one day this week as one of the--but not THE--biggest chocolate day of the year approaches.

matt munson's"It's easy to assume that V-Day is the number one holiday for sales here at Munson's, but you'd be wrong. V-Day is an incredibly busy holiday, but actually it ranks number three--Chocolate is in first position, then Easter, then Valentine's Day."

And you won't be surprised who is shopping for chocolate in the last few days before the holiday, according to Munson. "We've been told that men don't even have Valentine's Day enter their conscience until after the Super Bowl! They'll push it off a little longer, then it hits in the final days."