Gov. Malloy discusses $30M funding for Connecticut transportation

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WATERBURY — In a press conference Wednesday Governor Dannel Malloy spoke about millions in funds to help towns repair roads and about the GOP’s latest transportation plan.

Gov. Malloy was joined with Waterbury Mayor, Neil O’Leary who showed his support for the funding.

The Town Aid Road funding comes in two installments. The first $30 million was released in July 2014, the second $30 million was released Wednesday.

It will help cities and town across Connecticut make critical repairs to roads.

What’s unique about the funding is that it can be used in a variety of ways.

“Construction or maintenance of highways and bridges, snow removal, the trimming and removal of trees, the installation of traffic signs and signals and for providing and operating essential public transportation services and related facilities,” DOT Commissioner James Redeker said.

Mayor O’Leary said the funding has aided Waterbury in making roadways safe and it’s also allowed Waterbury to purchase sand and salt for all 28 winter events this year. Mayor O’Leary said last year the town had 29 winter events.

“We are a little anxious,” said O’Leary. “We are hoping the weather forecasts get better but for the moment we are OK.”

“There’s no doubt that we’ve been hit pretty hard, we’re going to continue to treat roads, plow roads and quite frankly do the outstanding job which I think the Department of Transportation and our contractors are doing,” said Gov. Malloy

During the press conference the Governor also talked about the need to fix the mixmaster, the interchange of Route 8 and I-84. Plans have been approved and work will start in the spring.

A hot topic of discussion was talk about the GOP’s multibillion dollar long-term transportation plans.

The governor dismissed it saying it’s not a plan and that a real discussion needs to take place about the state’s transportation needs.

More transportation talk is on the way.

Next week Gov. Malloy will announce a proposal for a long-term transformational plan that would make improvements to highways, bridges, bikeways and other transportation projects.