Is it OK to use Native Americans as school mascots?

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WEST HARTFORD — A debate moves to a community meeting Thursday, in West Hartford, about the use of Native Americans as mascots at the town’s high schools.

Residents are encouraged to attend and speak out for or against the issue. It recently took the spotlight again in Connecticut when some said it is outdated, offensive, and racist.

The Hall High School Warriors have already removed the American Indian head of its logo. It uses an H now, with warriors written across it.

Conard High School’s mascot is the chieftains and it is considering doing something similar. It has gradually stopped playing the Indian head on various logos.

Both the schools still use American Indian connotations and words though. Hall’s pep club is called the Reservation and Conard’s is called the Tribe and its newspaper is called the Pow Wow.

After Thursday’s meeting the board of education will make a final decision on what to do.

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