A love story, 27 years in the making

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HARTFORD -- You might not believe it, but for one couple Hartford Hospital is more romantic than the Eiffel Tower or the canals of Venice.

Ashley Underwood and Tim Murphy began dating as students at UConn four years ago, and early on in their relationship they realized something special: they had first crossed paths in the labor and delivery wing of Hartford Hospital.

"It was our second date," Ashley said, "I asked him when his birthday was and he said October 4, and I said, 'I'm October 2, that's so great.'"

It didn't take long for the pair to connect the dots that they were in the same nursery on the sixth floor of Hartford Hospital in 1987. Ashley quipped, "As soon as they rolled him into the nursery, I was like Tim Murphy and I were going to get married someday."

These days the couple is 27 years old, and Tim is a fourth-year medical student at UConn, while Ashley is a pharmacist.

As the couple were shown around various stops in the hospital they were greeted by some of the same doctors and nurses who delivered them 27 years ago. Sue Ekwall, a maternity ward nurse and now the unit leader of labor and selivery at Hartford Hospital, helped deliver Ashley. She said, "It's a great story, I told them to come back for the sequel and have a baby here."

Larry Underwood, Ashley's father, said, "They find out they started their lives together, literally days apart in Hartford Hospital--that's destiny."

Ashley and Tim have their wedding date set for October 2, her birthday.