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Hospital relies on robots for some tasks

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Yale is doing what it can to make sure that a recent case of a student getting bacterial meningitis is the only case of bacterial meningitis.

Starting today, the New Haven campus will offer a new vaccine to combat this particular strain.  It’s going to be available to any student faculty member or staff member who makes an appointment.   It will be free for anyone with Yale health insurance, while the out-of-pocket cost is 256 dollars.

As for the student who had meningitis, that patient is still improving, and is well enough to have been discharged from the hospital.

Source: Yalehealth.yale.edu

Source: Yaledailynews.com


New orderlies at a San Francisco hospital are doing a lot of dirty work without any complaints –because they’re robots.

The hospital has a fleet of 25 “Tug Robots” that deliver drugs, fresh sheets, meals and more to patients – they even take out the trash!

Each robot travels an average of 12 miles a day.

Source: Aethon.com 

Source: CNET.com


Scientists are still trying to find a way to fight bacterial infections without the side-effects of antibiotics, and now, they’re looking at alligator blood!

It makes sense – researchers at George Mason University said that alligators rarely get sick even though they live in bacteria laden swamps, and one reason is because their blood has small immunity proteins called peptides.

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency has invested millions to try to turn this discovery into a way to treat wounded soldiers on the battlefield, and maybe someday civilians here at home.

 Source: Eurekalert.org    

Source: Ncbi.nlm.nih.gov  

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