Watch: Reporter’s banana prop leads to memorable TV moment

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RICHMOND, Va. (CBS 6) — Our friends down in Virginia aren't used to covering snow storms. Up here, we use various items to show you the conditions where you are: rulers, yard sticks, shovels, etc. But,  CBS 6 reporter Jerrita Patterson went a different route. She chose a banana.


“I want to really put it into perspective about how cold it is,” she began one of her live hits in the 4 a.m. hour. “We were able to use a banana that we have, one of our snack items. Now this banana is completely frozen. It is now a banana hammer. So, any home projects, you can actually use this to complete that.”

Morning anchors Rob Cardwell and Reba Hollingsworth have seen a lot of snow day live reports during their time on the anchor desk, but judging by their reaction, this was the first time they’d seen a report that involved a banana hammer.


“A banana hammer! My goodness!” Cardwell commented. “Do not mess with Jerrita Patterson. She is armed with a banana hammer.”

While Rob and Reba were a bit shocked, morning Meteorologist Carrie Rose danced with glee.

dancing in the snow

“How can you not stop ‘Hammer Time’ when JP drops a banana hammer?” Rose asked while doing her dance in six inches of snow.

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