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GLASTONBURY-- Some homes across New England look more like igloos these days, and with each snowfall it only gets worse.

Ice dams can cause major damage on the inside of your home, and by the time homeowners realize they have a problem it's usually too late.

One company is using a cutting-edge technique that uses a lot of pressure and a lot of water to fight the freeze. Glastonbury-based JB's Detail & Power Washing, Inc. has been using a high pressure power-washer to expel  250-degree water through a tiny 25-degree nozzle.

The technique the company uses breaks up the ice on rooftops, allowing for an easy removal.

"We cut the ice out and it melts everything on the drain and by the time we`re done all the water waits off the roof. The whole gutter cleared, the drain is open, all the water is running efficiently," John Brown, owner of JB's Detail & Power Washing Inc.

Brown says the key is eliminating ice blocks that form in the gutter, and once that happens, water won't pool up and can flow freely into the drains and gutters.

The company has been getting more than a dozen calls a day to use the steam power wash.

"It's almost like a new trend, I have yet to meet a company who did it. We started last year and this year, and it's phenomenal," Brown said.

Michelle Haydase of Glastonbury called JB's after waking up to discover several water spots on her  kitchen ceiling--a classic sign an ice dam on her roof is about to cause damage."We don't need our roof to collapse," said Haydase.

Forecasts are calling for rain later this week which could result in snow on rooftops  becoming heavier and harder to remove.

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