‘Freezin’ for a Reason’ in Colchester raises money for fuel bank

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COLCHESTER--It may be cold--actually, freezing--but that isn't deterring some people from spending the night outdoors.

But why are the four Colchester men chillin' out in the elements until Sunday as the wind chills bring the temperature down way below zero? It's all for a good cause that they call "Freezin' for a Reason."

"We're raising money for the Colchester Fuel Bank and we're actually the only source of donations for that," said Rob Suchecki. "And especially a winter like this, when it's been so cold, there's been a lot of need."

freezin for a reasonThe crazy campout has raised $32,000 in five years, but this is the sixth, and possibly coldest test they've had so far.

"When you think about the people that really need the assistance and their houses are cold all the time, this is, you know, this is a minimal sacrifice on our part for that," said Suchecki.

"It helps so many people that can't afford to do this. We can do it for a weekend," said Fred Brown.

To donate, head down to the Colchester Green this weekend until 2 p.m. Sunday, or if you can't make it click here.

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