Frigid temps: How everyday items can keep you warm

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HARTFORD - In a cold weather survival situation, did you know you can use some everyday items to stay warm?

Here's some tips that can help you in you find your self in a potentially dangerous situation:

-Bubble wrap can be used to line windows or to wrap yourself up in.  It’s great for holding in heat.

- Even newspaper can provide insulation in a pinch.

-A tube of chap stick can help you start a fire.  The petroleum jelly in the lip balm is an accelerate when rubbed on twigs.  (matches or a cigarette lighter required)

-If you don’t have matches or a cigarette lighter, borrow a trick from Orange is The New Black. One AA battery and a piece of foil gum wrapper can be used to get a fire going.  Tear the wrapper into a thin strip, thinnest towards the center—place each end of the wrapper on an end of the battery, you’ll feel your fingers tingling and warming , and presto, you’ll get a flame.  You might need some practice is to get the hang of it.

For the latest forecast, check here.

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