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You’ll be jealous of this year’s Oscars gift bag

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LOS ANGELES – Some will take home Oscars, and some will not, but everyone will take home an over-the-top gift bag. This year’s Oscars swag bag is expected to be as glamorous as any other.

Priced at around $160 thousand, the gift bag will go to all nominees whether they win or lose.

We’re sorry in advance for how jealous this might make you.

Items included in the 2015 Academy Award gift bag:

    • Custom Furniture ($28,000) – Architect Elena Foccoli will customize a custom piece for each of the stars, and we’re sure they’ll all have their own unique tastes.
    • Psychic Reading ($20,000) – Olessia Kantor, the founder of Enigma Life, will fly out to meet privately with each winner and loser. They’ll chat about everything from horoscopes to mind control techniques. The losers might want to try that on the academy next year.
    • A Year’s Worth of Silvercar Rentals ($20,000) – The entirely Audi rental company will help the rich and famous get to where they need to be.
    • “Glamping” Adventure ($12,500) – “Glamping” is a camping experience for the elite, that allows celebs to camp with the comfort of a chef to prepare all their meals. Anyone else picturing gourmet s’mores?
    • Italian Luxury Hotel Package ($11,500) – There’s nothing like a nine day trip to Italy to help you get over an Oscars loss. The trip includes three nights in a Lake Como suite, three nights in a Sorrento suite, and another three in a Tuscany suite.
    • Ventura Lipo-Light ($4,068) – For celebrities that want to lose a few inches fast (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), this light will do just that. It promises to help you lose three to nine inches in just nine weeks.
    • Mediterranean Sea Salts ($1,548) – There’s no sweeter way to celebrate an Oscar win that with La Beleine french salts.
    • Hydroxycut ($45.94) – Apparently this weight loss product comes in gummy, shake, and bar form, and the nominees will all get a chance to try them out.

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