3D Doritos are back, sort of

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Doritos Jacked 3D

PLANO, TEXAS- If you were an avid snacker in the mid 2000’s, or a teenager- you might remember the beloved Doritos 3D. A piece of our hearts died when these snacks were cruelly taken away from us and discontinued. Mourn no longer as 3D DORITOS ARE BACK! Kind of, Doritos Jacked 3D chips are like the new, edgier, hipper cousin to the original 3D Doritos that we once loved.

Original 3D Doritos

Original 3D Doritos

The new chips have an updated look, thick and triangular, with holes in it, (maybe for enhancing the flavor?) they are definitely 3D- but are not puffed up like the original version.

The Jalapeño Pepper Jack flavor hits store shelves later this week, and the Bacon Cheddar Ranch version will grace us with its presence sometime this summer.

Super excited to try the new snack? Doritos is having a contest, with a chance to win an exclusive Doritos Jacked 3D gift box. See rules and entry form here.


Doritos Jacked 3D gift box