Houskeeper: “Black trash bag” taken out of Hernandez home

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FALL RIVER, MA -  After the previous two cleaning ladies in the Aaron Hernandez trial testified Monday to finding handguns in Hernandez's home, a third housekeeper took the stand in the on Tuesday, Feb. 24.

The third cleaner, Carla Barbosa, testified that on June 18, 2013 (the day after Odin Lloyd's murder), while she was cleaning the home, she saw Hernandez's fiancé, Shayanna Jenkins, taking out what looked like the trash. Barbosa said that was something Jenkins never did before on cleaning day.

Video from the home security system corroborates Barbosa's claims that Jenkins carried a large black trash bag through the pool area, around the side of the house, and then to a car where she put the bag in the trunk.

Barbosa said Jenkins drove off and returned a while later.

Also on the stand, a forensics scientist with the Massachusetts State Police Crime Lab. Jessica Robidoux seized a light weight, white hooded sweatshirt and four pairs of white sneakers from Hernandez's home...stains on two of the pairs got her attention.

"The testing for the presence of blood was negative on the stains on both pairs of white Nike sneakers from that closet," Robidoux revealed.

Hernandez's personal trainer testified Tuesday as well.

Brian McDonough claimed that after Lloyd's body was found, Hernandez continued to set up appointments, but kept canceling them.

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