Travel agency enduring “busiest winter” thanks to cold

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WETHERSFIELD -- Another day, another blast of extremely cold air. It seems to be this winter's M.O.

But just as Connecticut shattered record lows, Jamale Horn skipped town.

"It's probably the worst month I've ever been a part of. All this snow. I just can't wait to get down to Florida," said Horn, who was heading to Tampa from Bradley International Airport.

Let that jealousy sink in -- and while it does, business at Wethersfield Travel is surging.

"This is driving a lot of call, yes," said agency owner Martha Kirsche whose week started with six frozen customers calling at once.

"Basically, they're fed up. Haha. 'I've had enough. I want to get out of here. I want to lie on a beach someplace and how soon can that happen?'" said Kirsche of a typical phone call.

She and her employees have been booking those desperate for a departure to Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Mexico.

Agents are averaging 10 tropical trip inquiries a day.

"Everyone in here has been working really long hours," said Kirsche who adds that sporadic snowstorms in the Northeast and beyond have also kept agents on the clock.

"I think it was five Mondays in a row, we had closings and flight cancellations have been continuous," said Kirsche.

The worst was around the time of January's blizzard.

"It was 80 people for a company...and Melissa was working all Friday night until 4 in the morning," said Kirsche.

Despite the exhaustion and no summer in sight, the travel industry is okay with all the cold and white stuff because its keeping business well in the black.

"I've been in business 31 years and this is the busiest winter we've ever had," Kirsche said.