Domino’s develops the “Tummy Translator” app

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Domino's United Kingdom

UNITED KINGDOM- If you have trouble deciding what type of pizza to order, fear not for help is on the way. Domino’s UK has developed a new app to help you out. It’s called the Tummy Translator app (yes, really) which detects the rumbles and growls from your stomach and translates them into an order.

Domino's United Kingdom

Domino’s United Kingdom

Using technology inspired from a 1960’s documentary called “The Future Today” and something called “Gastro-Acoustic-Enterology”- (whatever that is?) Head of Domino’s UK development, Dominic Dougherty says, “what better way of choosing than letting your tummy decide what to order? If we could make it work, this would revolutionize the way people order pizzas.” The app, has users select “Peckish”, “Nibbly”, “Hungry” or “Famished” then it instructs the users to put the phone to their tummy, with the screen facing skyward then the magic happens.

The Telegraph is reporting that Domino’s digital campaign manager, Rupal Patel said, “at Domino’s we like to push the barriers of innovation and also, give our consumers little moments of joy along the way. This is a tongue-in-cheek way of demonstrating the wide range of choice available and making ordering your pizza a bit more interesting.”

Interesting indeed, sadly right now the app is only available in the UK. Check out the nearly three-minute video Domino’s produced about the app. They’re pretty serious.