Hillary Clinton used private email to conduct business as secretary of state

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WASHINGTON–Hilary Clinton is facing heat after new information was revealed in the investigation into the attack on the consulate in Benghazi.

According to The New York Times, the House of Representatives committee that is investigating the attack requested to see emails sent between Clinton and her aides regarding the attack, and it was discovered that all emails Clinton sent in her official capacity as the secretary of state were sent via a private email.

By law, government officials are supposed to use official government email addresses to conduct all business so that it can be documented for the National Archives and Records Administration. The Federal Records Act considersĀ all communications to be government records, and the documentation is supposed to help concessional committees, historians and the news media.

According to the article, while other officials have used private email addresses in some capacity, it is unusual that Clinton did not even have a government email address and that she did all of her business through a private account that wasn’t recorded on government servers.

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