Uber argues to not be regulated like taxi companies, continue operating in CT as is

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HARTFORD--More than a hundred drivers for the ride-sharing service Uber took to the State Capitol on Monday as part of an effort to keep operating in Connecticut.

Lawmakers are considering a bill that would require Uber drivers to abide by the same regulations as taxi and livery drivers. Currently, Uber operates freely in Connecticut and competes with taxis that are regulated.

Taxi companies want Uber to be under the same regulations they follow such as driver background checks, vehicle inspections, and proper insurance.

"The TNC companies like Uber are ignoring those regulations and we'd like that to be stopped,” said Bill Scalzi, who owns Metro Taxi in Greater New Haven and Bridgeport.

Companies like Uber and Lyft have argued they are not taxi companies and therefore do not need to follow industry rules. Uber drivers also said Monday the company follows its own requirements, like background checks.

But Uber says it is willing to work with the state to find a middle ground.

"The taxi service here is terrible.  It's broken up,” said Uber driver Michael Cacioppo, “Uber comes along to give them a great service.  The drivers are fantastic, they've got nice cars.  This is what consumers in Connecticut want in here.  They want another option."