Cold Case: Minh Huynh Vo

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Bridgeport Police Unsolved Murder
Date:   October 1, 2004
Time:   23:02 Hours
Location:  64 Rosedale St., Bridgeport, CT
Cause Of Death:  Gunshot wound to neck
Manner Of Death: Homicide
Victim:   Minh Huynh

By Christopher J. Lyons

BRIDGEPORT--On October 1, 2004 Bridgeport police responded to a report of a shooting and a person down at the address of 64 Rosedale St.

Upon arrival to the address, police went to the first-floor laundry room. Once inside, police immediately observed an Asian man lying on his back on the floor. There was a great deal of blood around the victim's head. Police observed a visible gunshot wound on the victim's neck and the bullet went through his head and exited the other side of his face. The victim was not breathing or responsive, he was dead on scene.

At the crime scene police observed the victim's wallet lying next to him with its contents strewn around. Robbery was an obvious motive for this crime.

The initial caller to police was a resident of the address. He advised police that he heard the gunshot and opened his apartment door. This witness told police that he smelled gunpowder and left the address to call police from a local business because he was afraid. Some residents of the address told police that they heard a gunshot and others provided no useful information to the case. No witnesses came forward initially, and police had little to go on.

Police identified the victim as Vietnamese immigrant, Minh Huynh Vo. Vo held several jobs in Bridgeport-area nail salons and had no criminal background.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 6.22.20 AMPolice learned that the victim had gone to a local variety store looking to buy crack cocaine. The store was a place where drug activity was high, and was a well-known location for drug customers. Police know that he asked several persons inside of the store for the drug and that one person agreed to sell him crack. Vo and the drug seller left the store and walked to 64 Rosedale St.  to complete the deal.

As this was happening another drug deal from the same area of the variety store was agreed upon. The dealer from that second deal also wound up at 64 Rosedale St. to complete the deal.

Police learned that this other drug seller walked into the address and saw a black male crouched down in the laundry room holding a firearm. This black male stated that he had to kill the man because he saw his face. He also admitted to netting $20 from the robbery that killed Minh Vo.

Later this black male bragged to others about the crime and showed people a spent cartridge still in his gun as proof. The victim was shot once with a 357 handgun, the same type of gun that was shown to several people by the suspect.

Several years passed, and now Bridgeport Police have a very strong person of interest. They also have strong witnesses to the crime or who are telling police about the crime.

Minh Huynh Vo made a terrible decision to try to buy illicit drugs, and he paid for that decision with his life. The person who killed him was most likely going to rob him all along and got scared, and ended up killing Vo. The case is over 10 years old and needs to be solved.

It is time for anyone in the area of 64 Rosedale St., Bridgeport to come to the aid of Minh Vo and Bridgeport Police and solve the case.

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