Sandy Hook panel set to release final report Friday

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HARTFORD — Friday afternoon the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission will release its final report of recommendations to Governor Malloy.

The 16-member panel was created after the tragedy at Sandy Hook. They were tasked with making recommendations to areas of public safety.

Experts paid particularly close attention to school safety, mental health and gun violence prevention.

Last month the panel released a more than 200-page draft document, since then the group has made some revisions to the report just in time for its unveiling.

Not all of their recommendations sit well with everyone. Recently one of the proposed measures has upset some Connecticut parents.

The panel proposed mandatory individual education programs for home-schoolers. The idea is that children who have been identified as having special needs, if those children go from public/private school into homeschooling the commission wants to make sure they follow specific programs. Many parents believe it could infringe on their parental rights.

Now what we can expect to see in the area of gun violence prevention are recommendations that would make it more difficult to possess assault weapons and large capacity magazines.

In the mental health aspect, we’ll likely see the final list of proposals made to address age appropriate programs and services for people.

This report will be released Friday at 3:30 p.m. during the commission’s final meeting.

Once Governor Malloy takes hold of it, it’s up to him and legislators to take action.

The report can be found online following the meeting. You can click here to find it.