Parents arrested for drug possession, hiding drugs on their children

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WEST HARTFORD — On Friday, police stopped a vehicle at the intersection of Farmington Avenue and Walkley Road. The officer discovered that one of the occupants, William Kulas, had been arrested the previous week for possessing 50 bags of heroin.

Kulas was in the car with his wife, Ingrid Walczyk, and their two children, ages 3 and 6.

Walczyk admitted she had drug paraphernalia hidden on her and admitted she hid 14 bags of heroin in her 3-year-old’s jacket pocket to avoid getting arrested.

Kulas and Walczyk also admitted to taking their children with them to purchase the heroin in Hartford. Kulas and Walczyk were both arrested and charged with risk of injury and narcotics possession. Both were held on $10,000 bond.