Boston valet saw Hernandez with gun

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FALL RIVER, Mass.–An AT&T representative presented more phone records as testimony on Tuesday in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial.

Christopher Ritchell showed that there was a lot of communication going on between Hernandez and Ernest Wallace, as well as Hernandez’s fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, after Lloyd’s murder.

There were a series of texts and calls while Hernandez was at the North Attleboro Police Department for questioning.

Prosecutors also showed a text message which Hernandez sent from Lloyd’s cell phone to Jenkins a couple days before the murder.

The text reads in part:

…I didn’t mean to, but got drunk and too [expletive] up and O took care of me and somehow told him about my other spot and i just woke up buggin, i’m sorry and on way home.

Prosecutors have their theories about the “spot.” The Hartford Courant reported prosecutors were thinking it could be the condo which Hernandez rented in Franklin, Massachusetts–or it could be the Boston corner where Hernandez is accused of shooting two men to death in a 2012 drive-by. Prosecutors are not allowed to bring up that case in this trial.

Later, prosecutors put a pair of valets on the stand from the W Hotel in Boston.

Samson Michael testified that a couple days before Lloyd’s murder he could see the people inside a black Chevy Suburban after it pulled up. Hernandez was driving.

“I noticed a gentleman with his shirt up to his chest and what looks to be a gun on his waistband,” Michael said.

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