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Gotham Air: The helicopter taxi you can order from your smartphone

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NEW YORK – Gotham Air is a new ride-sharing service in New York that recently released its iOS and Android apps to the general public.

Many might ask what the need is for another ride-sharing service, when Uber and Lyft are so prevalent, but Gotham Air is whole different ballgame: passengers aren’t sharing a taxi, SUV, or a black car… they’re sharing helicopters.

These ‘copter trips are also fairly specific, as they only fly from Manhattan’s Downtown Heliport to either JFK or Newark airport, each passenger is only allowed one, 25-pound carry-on, and seats are $219 each.  There is, however, an occasional introductory price of $99 during certain times of the day.

Each helicopter can carry up to six passengers, and will only take off if at least four seats have been reserved.  An added bonus on the app is that when you are reserving your helicopter, you can tell how many seats have already been booked, so you know if your ride will be a definite go or not.  If you buy a seat and not enough passengers sign up for your flight, you will get a refund.

The app is just as easy to use as Uber: you sign up, make a profile, list your credit card on file, then search for the seat you want to reserve. Easy as pie.

According to Gizmodo’s review, Gotham Air’s ‘copters are FAA-certified and equipped with floor-to-ceiling glass windows.  Each ride gets you to your destination in approximately 6 minutes, but those 6 minutes will be full of great views.

Gotham Air appears to be targeting the very wealthy, but hopes to expand to other destinations should the service become a hit.

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