New Britain officials warn of construction scams as roof repairs increase

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Ice Dams Ruining Your Roof? Here’s How To Take Care Of It

NEW BRITAIN–It’s not uncommon as the weather changes for construction workers to be particularly busy repairing roofs and other parts of the home that were damaged by the snow.

It’s also a prime time to be scammed.

The city of New Britain is warning residents about the increased possibility of contractor scams this time of year, and officials are working to protect residents.

“To discourage unlicensed and non-permitted construction work, the city of New Britain will be strictly enforcing how we protect our citizens through permitting,” New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart said. “Permits and inspections protect the health and safety of a home or a building’s occupants.”

“As a result of this harsh winter, many buildings have received significant damage to roofing, skylights, and electrical systems,” Health Director Sergio Lupo said.

Besides the possibility of being scammed by an unlicensed worker–if you pay them to do the work and it isn’t properly completed there is no recourse to recover lost pay because the work was done illegally–it can also be dangerous to have someone perform work if he or she is unqualified.

“Public safety is our number one concern,” said Lupo. “We want to educate both residential and commercial property owners that building permits and inspections are required for construction or remodeling work. We strongly encourage property owners to use a registered and licensed contractor. These activities help ensure the safety of your property as well as protect your investment.”

You can check if a contractor is properly licensed by the state of Connecticut here.

If your contractor is not licensed, you can report it by calling 860-826-3383.