‘The Last Man on Earth’: And then there were four

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*Warning: Spoiler Alert*

HARTFORD – Meet Todd, the (other) last man on Earth, played by Mel Rodriguez, who shows up in Tucson just in time to prevent Phil (Will Forte) from sleeping with Melissa (January Jones).

Todd is such a nice guy that Melissa starts to fall for him, much to Phil’s dismay, because he is then left only with his wife, Carol (Kristen Schaal), who he doesn’t particularly like.

Critics of the show are decrying the added characters, saying that a show can’t be called The Last Man on Earth when there hasn’t been a last man on Earth since the first 30 minutes of the premiere, but that’s really where the potential lasting power of the show comes into play.

Early speculation of the new comedy series had many wondering how a show about a single human being left on Earth could possibly sustain itself, but now, after five episodes, we are seeing that the intrigue of the show actually centers around the interplay of the characters as they comically, and at times annoyingly, deal with the pressures and consequences of being the remaining survivors of the human race.


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