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Colchester stabbing victim’s father speaks out

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NEWINGTON -- The father of 28-year-old Nicole Kummer wants his daughter's killer caught and brought to justice.

He spoke with Fox CT on Friday, after police identified his daughter as the victim of a homicide first reported on Wednesday. She was found on the side of the road in Colchester having died of stab wounds.

"She was a warm, wonderful person. She was always caring, always kind to everybody, she really was never mean to anybody, and I just don't understand how somebody could do this to her and I hope that any parent would never have to go through this," said her father, Warren Kummer.

Kummer said his daughter grew up in Newington and graduated from Newington High School before moving on to earn her certified nursing assistant license.

Heartfelt wishes poured out Friday, posted to Nicole's Facebook page.

Friends, like Peter Zalemanis, describe her as a "nice girl."

"We met at the lockers in high school my first day, she came up, really friendly," Zalemanis told Fox CT. Peter kept in touch with Nicole the past 12 years, and had recently planned to have lunch with her.

"I was devastated. I was like... I was shocked.. you know and the area they found her in and when I found out what happened to her I was just mad," said Zalemanis.

Police continue to investigate the homicide, but have yet to make any arrests.

Fox CT actually interviewed Kummer in May 2014, ironically, about a stabbing at a Hartford high school that she was not personally involved with. "For them to come all the way down here to another school to actually you know, not even think about the children, you know, what if they could have killed somebody?" said Kummer in May 2014.

Nearly a year later, she's now gone.

But her father, Warren, shared his personal memories of Nicole, with Fox CT on Friday.

"A lot of people loved her -- you look on Facebook and you can see. You can see all the comments made that they all loved her. No one could ever say anything mean about her," he said.

Kummer did say his daughter had problems with drugs that led her down the wrong path.

But the family's main concern at this point, he said, is making sure that whoever took her life, is located and locked up. "I hope they catch the person that did this to her and he's brought to justice," he said.

The family said police are working on some leads in the case.

A search of court records by Fox CT did show Nicole Kummer was convicted on charges of prostitution in 2008 and 2011. Sources close to the case believe similar activity could be linked to the killing.

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