What’s on your Spring #CTBucketList?

Snow just a few days before April?

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Tonight we’ll have mostly cloudy skies with temperatures in the 30s. A few snow showers may develop by dawn, but most of the night will be dry with temperatures dropping to around freezing.

Tomorrow: On and off rain/snow showers. It won't be a huge amount of snow, with most of us getting more towards the "coating" category. However, we can't rule out a few areas getting 2 or even 3 inches. That would most likely be in eastern Connecticut, especially in the hilly areas.

I think most roads will be okay, because temperatures will be in the mid-30s for most of the day, plus the sun is very strong this time of year. Even though it'll be cloudy, the sun's radiation can penetrate those clouds.

By Sunday, much of the snow that does stick will begin to melt away as we have a lot of sunshine for the second half of the weekend.

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