YouTube reverses age-restriction video of youngest TV same-sex kiss on ‘The Fosters’

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HERMOSA BEACH, Calif.–A young actor on ABC Family’s “The Fosters” took a stand for his character, and against discrimination, on Sunday.

Gavin MacIntosh, who plays Connor Stevens, spoke out on Twitter after YouTube age-restricted a video that showed him kissing his friend, Jude Adams-Foster. The actors play 13-year-old boys in the show, and in real life MacIntosh is 16, while Hayden Byerly, who plays Jude, is 14.

It is believed that the kiss between the two actors was the youngest same-sex kiss ever on TV. Peter Paige, the co-creator of the ground-breaking show, tweeted the following on the night the episode aired:

On Sunday MacIntosh tweeted about the blocked YouTube video, which was posted by a third party and not the actor or ABC Family. He has since deleted the tweets.

Courtesy of Variety

Courtesy of Variety

YouTube reversed the decision, and a spokesperson told Variety that “When it’s brought to our attention that a video or channel was age-gated incorrectly, we act to quickly fix it.”


ABC Family also released a statement: “We are very proud of the Jude and Connor storyline.”

According to the support page for YouTube, which Google owns, “Some videos don’t violate our policies, but may not be appropriate for all audiences. In these cases, minors or logged out users may not be able to view the content.” Vulgar language, violence and disturbing imagery, nudity and sexually suggestive content and/or portrayal of harmful or dangerous activities are reasons why a video may be age-restricted. You must have a Google account with a listed age of 18 or older to view age-restricted content.

The relationship between Jude and Connor developed throughout the second season. While Jude was comfortable with his sexuality, it took weeks until Connor was able to accept who he was and stand up for himself to his dad, who has struggled with his son’s affection for Jude.


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