Cold Case Michael Bedard

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DATE:   July 22, 2004
TIME:   1:13 a.m.
LOCATION:  Johnson Oak Park, across from 164 Alex St.
CAUSE OF DEATH: Gunshot wound to the head; bullet wound over left eye.
VICTIM:   Michael Bedard

By Christopher J. Lyons

On  July 22, 2004  at 1 a.m., Bridgeport Police were called to the Johnson Oak Park on the report of a man bleeding .

Upon arrival to the park, police located the body of a white or Hispanic male lying between two sets of play gyms in the park. The victim was bleeding from the head and his face was covered with blood from both sides.

The victim was dressed in a blue and white sleeveless shirt and had a white bandana on his head. A baseball hat was found near the body and police located a spent bullet casing near the body of the victim as well.

The victim was later identified as Michael Bedard, 26, from Jacksonville, Florida. Bedard was pronounced dead on scene.

There were no suspects at the beginning of the investigation. Several people reported hearing gunshots after midnight, but because such activity was common in that area neighbors did not notify anyone of the sound.

Other people were afraid after hearing the gunshots and did nothing.

Other witnesses told police that they heard gunshots coming from the park around midnight and then saw a black male jumping the fence by the park and running from the area. These witnesses could not identify that person. All reported hearing 4-5 gunshots.

As the investigation continued, police learned that at approximately 10:45 p.m. on July 21 Michael Bedard was talking to his fiance in Florida on his cell phone. The fiance reported to police that Michael told her that his friend “Booby” was coming to see him.

“Booby” was allegedly responsible for the shooting in the Baron's Bar earlier in the day.

The friend reported that she heard “Booby” yelling at Michael, cursing him and then the phone went dead. The girlfriend called back but got no answer.

Bridgeport Police have a strong person of interest in this case but need more assistance from the public to solve it.

Michael may have been a witness to a shooting that occurred in Bridgeport earlier in the day of his murder and that may have led to his killing. He had come back to Bridgeport before his murder to visit family and to go to court for minor motor vehicle offenses. He was the victim of a senseless act of violence and Bridgeport Police need the help of the public to solve it.

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