Hartford neighborhood churches unit to celebrate Good Friday

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HARTFORD— It's a holy weekend for both Christians and Jews across Connecticut and the world.

Passover starts at sundown Friday night, and hundreds marched in Hartford’s Asylum Hill neighborhood earlier in the day to mark Good Friday.

A large wooden cross made its way through the Asylum Hill neighborhood, carried by leaders as part of an annual Good Friday neighborhood procession.

“It’s very powerful and a great way to express your faith in public,” said Cory Mackie, a Bloomfield resident who attends Asylum Congregational Church.

The event, which has been held for the past three decades, involves seven different neighborhood churches. More than hundred parishioners and visitors marched behind a large wooden cross symbolizing Jesus’ crucifixion.

The group carried the cross while walking from all seven of the neighborhood’s churches to attend a short service at each.

Church leader say this Good Friday tradition creates unity among the seven churches, all are made up of different denominations.

“All the churches have different services on different days but Good Friday is one we all share with a service and decades ago they decided ago this was a good thing to share. It really brings people together,” said Father Don Hamer of the Trinity Episcopal Church.

Many who marched on Friday said they have participated for years, but others came for the first time.

Mike Burrows of Branford started to going to church a few months ago, and decided to attend the procession. “I’m really thankful for today,” said Burrows.