Connecticut siblings deploy a few weeks apart

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WINDSOR LOCKS -- About 90 soldiers in the Connecticut National Guard will soon head overseas to Kosovo. They won't be in battle, but Lt. Krista Yaglowski will be in a competition.

"We'll see about deployment, who gets promoted first," said Yaglowski of her brother Scott, who is also a lieutenant in the Connecticut National Guard. "He commissioned about three or four months before I did."

Scott deployed a few weeks ago to Afghanistan.

krista and scott"You get medals, awards, they have different competitions while you are over there," said Krista. "We've always been really competitive so we're in this now together."

The dual-deployment helps, she said, because it is Krista's first deployment and she said she's a little nervous.

"I've already heard lots of stories from my brother so far," she said. "So I'm a little bit more at ease."

Support will also come by way of other members in Krista's unit. Many have been deployed before. This time, they'll create a task force with soldiers from California and Florida as part of a NATO peacemaking mission in the Balkans.

"We're there probably as a neutral arbiter between the sides that back in 1999, were [sic] some significantly negative actions against each other after the fall of the old Yugoslavia," said Lt. Col. Jeffrey LaPierre, commander of the unit.

His soldiers will provide medical and transportation assistance by air. They'll join about 600 American troops already stationed in the Kosovo area.