Watertown woman tells police assault suspect was scared off by passing car

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WATERTOWN – A woman told police she was forced  by a man into her apartment and he attempted to assault her before being scared away by a passing car.

Police said the woman was walking to her apartment on Falls Terrace early Tuesday morning when she said she was approached from behind. She told police the suspect, described as a white man with no specific accent, came from the area of the dumpsters. Police said the victim reported he held an object against her back and forced her to open her apartment door.

She told police, once they were in the apartment, the suspect tore her shirt and tried to tear her underwear. She told police she was fighting him in the apartment when he was scared off by the lights a car in the parking lot that shined in the apartment.

Police are investigating and have processed evidence at the scene. Anyone who might have information is asked to call 860-945-5200.