TV photographer says he didn’t approach jurors in Hernandez trial; no verdict in day 3

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FALL RIVER, Mass. — A photographer for a Boston TV station says he didn’t approach or take pictures of any juror deliberating in the murder trial of Aaron Hernandez, and the judge in the case has banned him from continuing to cover the trial.

A photographer from WHDH, Robert Cusanelli, testified that he was trying to figure out where the jury got on and off the bus carrying them to their cars.  He said Wednesday afternoon he saw the opportunity to follow the bus and find where the jurors where being taken to their parked cars.  He said that he never contacted the jurors. He said no one from the station instructed him to follow the bus, but he said he knew the station felt it was important to have that information.

Superior Court Judge Susan Garsh said the photographer could not enter the court building any longer during the course of the trial. WHDH would be allowed to continue its coverage according to the judge, and she believed his testimony that he did not contact the jurors.

WHDH-TV issued a statement earlier:

CCKal0-WMAEUY-2Two jurors reported that they were followed Wednesday after their second day of deliberations.

Meanwhile, the 12 jurors resumed deliberations Thursday. They left Thursday afternoon for the third day without a verdict.

Hernandez is charged with the June 2013 shooting death of Odin Lloyd, who was dating his fiancée’s sister.

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