Pet of the Week – Norah

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Norah is a Schnauzer or Scottish Terrier mix dog. She’s about 1-2 years old.

She’s a sweet little dog, often shy in new situations, yet bold and confident in familiar situations. She looks about 20 lbs, but is sturdy and muscular, and actually closer to 30 lbs, and is a friendly, happy, and playful, but prone to moments of "terrier-tude."

Her ideal home will have dog experience, and know how to be the boss; she is more comfortable with someone else in-charge

Norah is okay with children 12 and over and great with most other dogs; she is friendly and playful with the other dogs in the kennel.

But, like a typical terrier, if she gets "bent" about something, she'll let you know.

For more information about Norah or other pets that need a home, go to Protectors of Animals.