Vandalism at UConn takes on a racial undertone

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STORRS--The message was meant to bring awareness to racism, but vandals decided to flip the message.

On UConn's campus a rock was painted on Monday night by two resident advisors to say "black lives matter" and "racism in Storrs." However, by the next morning the words "black" and "racism" had been painted over.

Many students say this isn't an isolated incident, and instead is indicative of an ongoing racism problem on campus.

"Connecticut is not perfect. A lot of the racism here is underground. It's different, it's more subtle and that's even harder to address," saidĀ Alec Summerfield, an RA for social justice education.

Brianna Church, a junior at the college, agreed. "It's obvious intolerance is something that's prevalent on campus and it's obvious something needs to be done about it."

A university spokesperson told Fox Connecticut that campus police were made aware of the incident on Wednesday and "are reviewing it."

Summerfield said that the incident won't deter the conversation happening both on campus and across the country.

"Black lives need to be valued in society and we need to make people aware of the issues going around here and the country," heĀ said.