Mommy Minute: Summer camp teaches kids Chinese language, global appreciation

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NEW HAVEN - Gone are the days that "camp" meant only swimming, kayaking and archery.

camp4Kids can participate in summer programs that revolve around computers, math, science, engineering, fashion design and creative writing. There's even a camp in New Haven that allows children to "study abroad without leaving the county". Welcome to Chinese Mandarin Summer Camp, a concept that's gaining in popularity. "This is the age of globalization," explains Henan Cheng, principal of the school that inspired the camp.

"We all know that China has achieved huge success, in terms of economic development." This unique experience creates a healthy sense of wanderlust in children, inspiring them to travel and appreciate diversity.forginachinesecamp2

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Click here to learn about the Chinese Mandarin Summer Camp, located at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven.

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