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East Haven cops crack down on illegal dirt bikes

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EAST HAVEN – A growing problem in East Haven has residents and motorists expressing concern over illegal dirt bikers and ATV riders taking over their neighborhood.

“The East Haven Police Department recognizes the dangers of the illegal dirt bike and ATV activity that is occurring in our town and fully understands your fear and frustration,” said Captain Joseph Slane in a Facebook post. “We are not alone, as this activity occurs in our neighboring towns as well.”

“Our officers work diligently and make every effort to identify these individuals,” said Slane. “Most of these individuals cover their faces with masks and other clothing, and do not pull over when an officer directs them to do so. These same individuals try to bait the officers into pursuing them”

Police have been avoiding chases that could lead to crashes, but won’t disclose specific tactics being considered to catch the reckless drivers. They have been working with “other agencies” to share information in attempts to identify the dangerous drivers.

East Haven Police areĀ asking for assistance from the public, but warn the public not to confront the dirt bike drivers. Instead, witnesses are encouraged to call the police atĀ (203) 468-3820.

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