Three decades later, Jon Cryer reprises Duckie’s ‘Pretty in Pink’ dance

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Duckie’s still got moves.

On Tuesday night’s “Late Late Show” on CBS, actor Jon Cryer reprised the character’s record-store dance to Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness,” right down to the wall-dancing, the counter-bashing and, of course, the trademark white shoes.

In the original scene, one of the best-loved bits from the 1986 John Hughes film, Cryer dances around a record store, lip-syncing the song as he tries to win the affection of Molly Ringwald’s Andie.

In Tuesday’s recreation, he dances in tandem with host James Corden, who tweeted that he’d “fulfilled a childhood dream” by re-creating the scene with Cryer — who turned 50 on Thursday.

“I watched that ‘Try a Little Tenderness’ dance routine so many times, the tape on the VHS wore out,” Corden said on the show.

Like Cryer, who has most recently appeared on “Two and a Half Men,” many of the film’s original fans are well into middle age. But still some may have squealed like teenagers when they saw the routine.

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