Victim identified in New Haven fatal shooting as police search for suspects

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NEW HAVEN - New Haven police are investigating a shooting-turned-homicide that occurred at Orchard Place and Charles Street.

new haven shooting 4 20Just before 1:30 p.m. Monday officers were called to the scene for a report of a "man down." An officer heard a car crash, and when he arrived at the scene found the driver unconscious and requested backup.

Police say the man was shot several times in his torso and was rushed to Yale-New Haven Hospital, where he died a few hours later. He has since been identified as Lyndell Moore, 29, of New Haven.

A person at the scene who identified himself as Moore's cousin said Moore was a father of three girls who worked hard at his construction job.

While it was initially unclear where exactly the victim was shot, since he was drove and then crashed his car after he was shot, police did find the crime scene on Townsend Street. A victim told investigators that he or she heard a gunshot and saw the victim drive off toward Charles Street.

Police say Moore was unable to control the car as he turned on Charles Street and then crashed.

Jennifer Sherard said she heard the impact right in front of her house and thought it was a medical emergency.

"The car jumped the curb, hit my side railing and then jumped the curb again and hit the parked car," she said. "I began to pray because at first we thought the guy was having a seizure."

After learning of the homicide, Sherard prayed again.

"I just went through a loss, so, you know, I feel the pain of those that have been left behind," she said.

Officers say witnesses reported seeing three men wearing gray hooded sweatshirts running from the area after the shooting on Townsend Street toward Henry Street. Another witness said just one man in a gray hoodie was seen. Police did not receive initially receive reports of a shooting, and Shotspotter, which identifies shootings in New Haven, did not pick up any activity city-wide. One witness did later come forward.

new haven shooting arrest

Around 4:30 p.m. New Haven Police made an arrest at the scene of the homicide, but said it was completely unrelated to the homicide investigation.

Rodney Williams, who co-chairs the ward, was disappointed with Monday's violence.

"It's kind of sad," Williams said. "The stats we've been getting in this area right here, has been one of the lowest crime rates in the city."

Police in New Haven are also investigating the deadly shooting of a 16-year-old boy over the weekend.