Milford residents find ‘White lives matter’ fliers distributed in town

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MILFORD -- For the second time in as many years, hate has been dropped on driveways along Herbert Street in Milford.

Sometime late Tuesday or early Wednesday, some residents noticed plastic bags sitting in their driveways. Inside was a folded up piece of white paper and some stones intended to hold the bag down.

The flyer, which in bold face type says #WhiteLivesMatter, goes on to say, "The media will not report it so we will remind you! Stand up for the white race!"

The fliers also have a web address for a white nationalist organization.

One lady who has lived on Herbert Street for 10 years says she immediately threw the flyer in the trash when she noticed it.

Theresa Costello said her husband called her on his way to work to say he had seen a bunch of small bags sitting at the and of people's driveways.

Milford fliersDr. John Vecchitto,  who has lived in the neighborhood for 15 years, says he did not receive this flyer, but added it was ironic that it was being distributed at this time.

Last night Vecchitto and his son were discussing an incident on the UConn campus. Recently, a rock that was painted with a message saying "black lives matter" was painted over in the night--the word "black" was crossed out so that the message simply read "lives matter." Vecchitto and his son were discussing that incident in light of the protests in Baltimore and nationwide.

Vecchitto said if that was the message on the flyers distributed to his neighborhood, he would have applauded the distribution.

Given that United Klans of Ameeic literature was distributed in the same fashion during the summer of 2013 on Herbert Street, Vecchitto believes it's someone who lives in the neighborhood. He says there are people that fly libertarian flags and are known to be somewhat extreme in their views.

Sam Cocks, who has lived in Milford all his life, says he doesn't like that these flyers have given his neighborhood and city a bad rap. It's his belief that whoever is distributing this is doing so in a cowardly way--he thinks the person or people distributing the posters chose their neighborhood because many the houses are set off the road far enough so that no one can see who's doing it.

The right to free speech protects such language, but officers said a city ordinance prohibiting the distribution of fliers may be enforceable.